Premium Tibetan Dark Tea Ya An Zang Cha Mini Cakes 2015


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Product Overview

Type: Dark Tea
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Tibetan tea is a unique beverage served in the region of the Himalayas. This black tea is enjoyed by the people of Tibet and other minorities around the world. Tibetan tea belongs to one kind of dark tea, its color is brown, and color of tea is orange-red with pure aroma, it tastes mellow. The original place of Tibetan tea is in mountain Ya'an mengding Sichuan Province, alpine leaf species in that mountain are used to raw material.  
The word "Zang" is actually a short form for "Xi Zang", which means Tibet. Black tea brick has a long history in Tibetan culture and is an indispensable part of their diet. Drinking Zang tea is known to help Tibetans keep their body warm, aid digestion, cleanse the body of accumulated lactic acid, rejuvenate inner strength and increase stamina. Our Zang Cha is compressed using tea leaves that have been aged since 2015.
Tibetan tea is rich in tea pigment, tea polysaccharide and other special ingredients, which can digest the fat, decompose the grease and promote the decomposition and digestion of the beef, mutton, cheese and other food rich in fat. Ya'an Tibetan tea uses ripe tea leaves and red moss in high altitude as the raw materials. It is made after ten more unique crafts with distinctive "red, thick, mellow and old" features. 
Each cake is about 50 grams.
Brewing Guide: To brew, break the cake and add 5 grams per cup, bring the water to a rolling boil (212ºF) and steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on how light or dark you like your tea. This Tibetan mini cake tea is forgiving when it comes to brewing so can be brewed for longer or with boiling water for a fuller taste.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review