Qi Lan Rare Orchid Single Bud Wuyi Black Tea


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This is a unique and rare Chinese Black tea and only tender buds are used in the processing. It is a luxurious, celebrated Black tea from the highest peak in the Wuyi Mountain range, in Fujian province, China.  A high-mountain Oolong cultivar crafted to a black tea in the local style of the Wuyi area. This wonderful black opens to sweet notes of plums and grows to a delicious, sweet finish. 

The source is a farm located in the mountains along the north coast of Fujian Province. Note its large leaf is made from a Qilan cultivar. Lot offers a strong flowery aroma! Qi Lan is a yancha or “rock tea” cultivar that is rarely processed as black tea. This particular selection is an education lot produced by 15 local farmers at the Wuyi Tea Institute. In contrast to a classic charcoal-roasted Qi Lan, this oxidized expression offers pronounced sweetness and a beautifully plush, expansive mouthfeel.

The varietal from which the cultivar has been developed has its origins in the WuYi mountains. Our Qi Lan black is completely hand-processed tip black tea from a fine spring harvest. It was harvested in the first week of April. The dry tea has a floral scent of rose, honey and peach and smells slightly nutty, and earthy.

Once brewed, a sweet flavor of plum comes through immediately. The taste is lush and naturally sweet. Cup liquor is bright golden yellow. As it is made exclusively from buds of buds, it is light-bodied. The taste is fruity and clear, rather lemony and sour. With each infusion, it tastes a little less acidic but a little more flowery. The finish is long, sweet with a nice warm touch. After you drink the tea, the sweet aftertaste lingers on your throat for a long time. When you breathe out you can be a strong rosy aroma feel it in your breath.

Brewing Guide: 5 grams per time. Brew tea with hot water (98C or 209 F). steep for 15-20s for the first and second brewing. Rebrew with boiling water for an additional 1-3 minutes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review