SHIFENG Brand Ming Qian Te Ji An Ji Bai Pian An Ji Bai Cha Green Tea 100g


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Although its name is An ji White Tea, it is still a kind of green tea. An Ji White's emerald green infusion represents some of the best teas in a completely new class of production. The flat and straight leaves produce a lasting fragrance that is both unique in taste as well as its lack of caffeine content.

An Ji, the home of bamboo, where the famouse film "crouching tiger and hidden dragon" was shot. It is an old county and has a history of 1,800 years. It located in northwestern Zhejiang Province is 200 km from Shanghai, takes about 3 hours from Shanghai by bus. Anji is synonymous with bamboo,containing as it does 60,000 hectares of bamboo groves. It has been designated a pilot county for ecological construction. Within its boundaries are mountains and gullies, lush with forests and vegetation. The air is fresh and the river water is crystal clear.The word 'An Ji' stands for peace and lucky in Chinese.

Anji has the tea plantation of 45,000 hectares, which produces more than 3,300-ton tea annually. It owns the unique "Anji white tea" as the best quality tea, "Anji white slice" as the national famous tea. Anji white tea, grown nowhere else in the country, sells for a price higher than the famous Dragon Well tea. An Ji white tea is unusual from other teas that the spring bud is tender and presents a white color. It turns to whole white in middle April and return gradually to green in May. The folks call it as "Fairy Grass Tea" and local people treats the spring tea as "Holy Ghost", often adopted to cureillness. Enjoy the refreshingly sweet and light infusion of An Ji tea while taking advantage of the many health benefits present in all our famous white teas. 

An organically certified green tea with a sweet fresh grass fragrance and a lively citrus flavour. The tea has complex and intriguing floral aromas. The taste is vivacious and exuberant combine sweet flavour. A delicious treat.

Brewing guide: The recommended steeping time is 1 tbsp for 3 minutes in 60 degree Celsius water. I steeped for 3 minutes as recommended for the first infusion and 5 minutes for the second infusion.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review