Supreme Meng Ding Huang Ya Yellow Buds Yellow Tea

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Meng Ding Huang Ya comes from the misty top of Mt. Mengshan amid the "Heavenly Country" -- the gorgeous Sichuan province. Mt. Mengshan is one of the earliest tea cultivation areas, dating from 2000 years ago. And since the Tang dynasty, Meng Ding Huan Ya has been a legendary tribute tea: such was its fame that its arrival each spring became the very sign of spring itself; "Meng Ding Tea and Yangtze Water" is exulted in the folk lore as the noblest of tea together with Yangtze as the best of water.

Strictly harvested and painstakingly hand processed, Meng Ding Huang Ya consists as much as 10,000 beautiful tiny down-covered shoots per 500 grams. The pale yellow infusion is complex and delicate with hints of floral, sweet and nutty. It has a lovely appearance, balanced with a mellow and refreshing aftertaste. It is superbly smooth and full-bodied.

we recommend using a Gaiwan (traditional covered steeping cup). Preheat the Gaiwan with hot water and fill with 1-2 teaspoons of leaf. Cover with relatively cool water 60-70C (140-158F) and infuse for 2 or 3 minutes. To serve, pour into a pitcher or directly into warmed tasting cups and enjoy. Sichuan Yellow Bud may be reinfused 2-3 times by gradually increasing steeping time and water temperature.

 *****Yellow Tea, a variety little known outside of China, is in fact all but unknown in the long tea history of China. In this exquisite tea category, are some of the most famous tribute teas since the early Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). As the name suggests, yellow tea is yellow in color—both the leaves and the infusion; this color is acquired by adding an extra step, called "Sealed Yellowing", to the process otherwise fairly similar to the making of Green tea. The length of the yellowing process can vary from thirty minutes in some teas to six days in others, creating a Yellow tea that may be hardly distinguishable from Green tea to one that is distinctively golden. The yellowing process brings about some complex and subtle changes that mellow out the grassy, bitter edge of the Green tea and enhance its aromatics.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review