Supreme Organic Tra Sam Dua Pandan Gingsen Vietnamese Green Tea


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Trà means tea, sâm means ginseng and Dá means pandan leaves. Panda Ginseng Tea is a Central specialty that is very popular with customers, high quality products are produced from quality young tea buds, giving Panda Ginseng tea a characteristic taste of bitter after sweet, bitter taste of green tea. It has an earthy and incredibly creamy flavour with coconut, malt, pineapple and toasted rice. You will find delicious and somehow relaxing. Very suitable for refreshment and very healthy. It's quite popular in the south and central of Viet Nam, usually served with ice in hot days.

Tra Sam Dua Green Tea has been scene with aromatic pandan leaves. Moreover, tea leaves and several herbs to create completely. It is very sweet and fresh. This type requires tea makers to be very meticulous and skillful. From the selection of ingredients to scent tea such as pandan leaves, the skillful adjustment of flowers and herbs marinated with tea. All help to create the best fragrance for this green tea. Especially, this tea still remains ingredients to scent tea such as pandan leaves and thin tea leaves, highlighting its sweet fragrance. 

What is a Panda leaf?
Tree grows into bushes, can be 1m high, stem diameter 1-3cm, branching. Leaves are lanceolate, smooth, arranged in a trough, 40-50cm long, 3-4cm wide, with no spiny margins, the underside has pale color, many veins are spaced 1mm apart, the aroma is like the smell of glutinous rice, making it more aromatic than. Pineapple leaves are suitable for planting in shade, moist soil, if left in the sunlight, the leaves are paler. If grown as ornamental plants, choose good moisturizing soil.

Plants grow wild and are grown especially in the southern provinces to take fresh or dried leaves for food such as cakes, sweets, wine ... At the markets of Ho Chi Minh City people often bundle into large bundles, almost harvest leaves all year round. 


For thousands of years, ginseng tea has been a popular drink in Asia. Especially ginseng - a type of ginseng containing ginsenosides is considered to have the ability to protect health.

The thiamine in tea has been shown to exert a stress-relieving effect. If you feel too stressed you can try a cup of tea and feel the difference. Decaffeinated tea and you can drink green tea instead.

Besides, pineapple ginseng tea is also used as a beverage to cool the body, especially in hot weather.

According to research by the National University of Singapore, drinking tea every day can help you reduce the risk of dementia by 50%.

- Protect your health.
- Helps the intestinal tract to digest well after meals
- Skin improvement, anti-aging.
- Detoxify.
- Effective weight loss, anti-obesity.
- Can prevent cancer.
- Reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Ingredients: All natural, absolutely no chemicals.
- Including natural herbs: Green tea bud, pandan leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius), jasmine, basil, natural herbal fragrance.

Brewing Guide:
• Should clean and rinse warm water before making tea. Then put the tea in the kettle. You can adjust the amount of tea according to your taste, and you can adjust the amount of tea in the next brew to choose the amount of tea that best suits your taste.

• Reduce the hot water temperature to 80-85 before pouring hot water into the teapot. The amount of water depends on the number of cups you want to pour and your taste.

• For the first time brewing tea, steep the tea for about 20-25 seconds, then pour all of the tea in the kettle into the tea cups. Once you have poured all the tea out of the kettle, you should open the lid to let the teacup cool down. When you drink the next time, keep adding more water to the kettle.


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Tra Sam Dua Padan Gingsen Tea

    Posted by Zara on 2022-09-01 1:12

    Very refreshing and light