Wu Dan Medium Roast Chazhou Style Fujian Oolong Tea


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Wu Dan is a special style of Fujian oolong tea. Wu refers to black, which roughly means that the tea just made is black in color, so it is also called Heidan. It is a premium Oolong tea grown in Shuangmei Village, Daping Township, Anxi, a region in the province of Fujian in Southwest China. The oolong leaves are shaped in loose balls, shimmering black in color.

80% of Wu Dan tea is sold to Chaozhou, Shantou and other regions in Guangdong Province, China. The village has opened many tea shops in Chaoshan area. Chaoshan people have always had the habit of brewing oolong tea and gongfu tea, and they like heavy flavors. A pot of tea is generally 12-14 grams, which is commonly known as "drinking tea with meal". The roasted Wu Dan has a better taste and a stronger aroma, which is just suitable for the taste of Chaoshan people.

This is a traditional medium fermented tea, dried on high fire that gives the tea a roasted aroma. The natural floral scent compliment very well with the roasted aroma. It is a medium-bodied tea with mild pleasant astringency. The infused tea is clean and clear, with a bright golden orange color. Its sweetness and medium roast make it an excellent introductory oolong that is neither too light nor too dark. When infused, the leaves open with an ambrosial aroma and sweet notes of grilled peach, flavors of sandalwood and charcoal, with a finish of brown sugar, round out this rich cup. Steep many times to experience the depth of this full-bodied oolong.

Brewing Guide: place 1 tsp. of loose leaf in a tea maker or infuser (1 tsp. per cup). Heat water to 185°F, steep for 3-5 minutes then simply enjoy!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review