XI HU Brand Rose Flavored Black Tea with Fragrant Real Rose Bud Petals Tea Bags 45g


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Type: Black
Origin: China
Description: Roses have long been revered by poets and writers and have been included in songs and works of art, inspiring romance and love around the world. For thousands of years, roses have been used in the culinary arts and for healing. Rose black tea is a time-honored floral Chinese tea. Traditionally, it is called rose black congou tea. Layers of fresh rose petals are placed on top of layers of tea leaves. The tea and roses are dried together, with the roses imparting their wonderful scent and flavor to the tea. Some rose petals are left in the tea after drying, providing you with this delicious and beautiful tea.
Relax and delight in the flavor, scent and romance of roses and aromatic black tea, while enjoying the pleasure of drinking this enchanting and lovely rose black tea. The fragrance and taste of rose petals, joined together with aromatic, rich and smooth tasting black tea, delight the senses and calm, soothe and uplift the spirit, encouraging you to relax and rejuvenate while enjoying a cup of tea.
We've recreated the taste of a classic rose tea by using a premium Chinese black tea for the base, imbued with subtle floral flavors and scattered with rose petals. The tea might be authentically Chinese, but those wonderfully aromatic notes of rose are forever England. Deliciously delicate and seductively sweet, a single sip brings to mind rolling hills, church bells and country gardens: perfect for a picnic on the village green.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review