YANZHIYE Brand Xiang Po Bei Fragrant Cup China Fujian Wuyi Cliff Oolong Rock Tea 500g


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Type: Oolong
Origin: China
Description: Xiang Po Bei, translated as fragrant cup, is a style of oolong from Fujian Wuyi mountains, China.

The almost inaccessible tea growing area makes industrial production virtually impossible and so this tea is still harvested by hand. The manufacturer also produces out of conviction purely biological. Production in Wuyi has a thousand years of tradition and the historical knowledge about the art of tea is passed down from generation to generation. This special type of tea is dried and withered in bamboo trays and finally roasted over a charcoal fire in bamboo baskets.
Through stronger roasting (compared with Taiwanese Oolong) is this Wuyi Yan Cha durable and especially suitable for connoisseurs who prefer to store and mature special teas.

The strips are neat and curly, the color is brown and green, and the color is oily and shiny. The soup is orange and yellow, the entrance is mellow and sweet, and the teeth and cheeks are fragrant after swallowing. The bottom of the leaf: yellow and bright, with a light green bottom and red border.

The flavor is sweet, with the typical mineral taste of Wuyi tea. A strong floral aroma, with a vanilla-scented sweetness and a complex, long finish reminiscent of mango and burnt sugar. Very pleasant and smooth aftertaste as well. It has a pleasant, very subtle menthol-like effect in the aftertaste.

Xiang Po Bei Tea is packed with an attractive flavor that is not present in other teas, even if they share the same smoothness, the Xiang Po Bei Tea stands out the rest with its extraordinary strength.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review