Yunnan Da Xue Shan Big Snowy Mountain Wild Ancient Tree Black Tea


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Type: Black
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Da Xue Shan means "Big Snow Mountain" and is a very well-known and revered tea mountain in the Mengku area with a very high elevation and a good population of old and wild trees. Da Xue Shan is near the Mengku tea harvesting area in the Shuangjiang area of Yunnan province. Shuangjiang refers to the double rivers Lancangjiang and Xiaoheijiang which flow beside one another down into the valley.

The mountain has long been known as the home of many very old tea plants and some very tasty tea. This area belongs to the foothills of the Himalayas Mountains, the highest peak locally being 3504 meters. The tea grown in this area ranged from 1900 to 2750 meters in elevation. Botanists and scientists studying the flora of this area estimate that there are 2,000 acres of wild tea trees of varying ages inhabiting the forest areas of this region and old plantation tea bushes growing in small groves around the landscape.

Wild Da Xue Shan is a spring production from Lincang, Yunnan Province showing a thick body with incredible fruity sweetness. The environment for this tea is clean, with no agrochemical use at all. Yongde county located in Lincang city, Yunnan Province is called the last undiscovered area, and teas grown here are much stronger than the ones from other places.

The leaf materials were gathered from Camellia tea bushes that are 100-150 years old, and the leaf was given careful hand processing. The leaves are consistent in size. Its' distinctive clear, russet-red cup color reflects the skill in the oxidization process with a resulting clean "red" liquor color offering plenty of flavors.

This tea is sweet, and on the first sip has an appealing honey-like aroma. Flavor notes suggest black fig, nuts, dark chocolate and malt, all of which come together to add complexity to the aroma too. This is a really delicious cup of tea that has a good, rich depth of flavor. Absolutely no astringency – this tea is sweet and refreshing and compelling. A rather impressive tea that everyone will enjoy. Even if using only a few leaves the tea is enjoyable. It has a wonderful aftertaste, it is characteristic for its lingering sweet flavor.

Brewing Guide: Use a round tablespoon or about 3-4 grams for 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature right up to boiling. Boiling water will bring the leaves' flavors out quickly. To heighten the first steep flavors, rinse the leaves briefly with boiling water, pour off, let the leaves steam for a few minutes and re-infuse. We suggest a steep of 3 minutes to experience the variety of flavors offered. Longer steeps of 3 + minutes will give more body to the cup. Leaves will steep multiple times.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review