Organic Darjeeling Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1st Flush Tea FTGFOP 500g

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Type: Black
Packaging: Bag
Origin: India
Description: Darjeelings are considered among the rarest and most prestigious of the black teas. The best grades are the whole leaf types with lots of ‘tip’. This is one of the best darjeelings on the market.
The estate is near the town of Kurseong in the Darjeeling district of northern India. Produced in the Himalayas, Darjeelings are grown in the shadow of Kangchenjunga, the snow capped mountain said to be home of the Hindu God "Shiva" -the Destroyer. Darjeeling means land of the Thunderbolt and it is in fact the weather, combined with the attitude, soil and bright sunlight that result in an incomparable beverage.
The are 3 main times of year for producing good quality Darjeelings:
1st flush - Springtime harvested teas from late Feb. to mid April. The young leaves yield a light tea with generally intense muscatel with ‘point’. A gentle afternoon tea.
2nd flush - Harvested in June, these teas are more fully developed. The liquor is bright and the taste full and round excellent muscatel. A superb afternoon tea that is especially good with scones and raspberry conserve.
Autumnal - Not always available depending upon the weather, they are typified by a round taste and coppery liquor. Excellent as a breakfast tea with milk.
Our Darjeeling FTGFOP black tea has a strong, fragrant, full-bodied liquor when brewed. Its coppery leaves provide a tea deliciously plain and balanced, enhanced with fruity notes nearly caramelized. A blend of select lots of Darjeeling teas produced without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
Brewing Guide: Boil the water, let stand for about 2 minutes. Add the hot water to the pot, and one level teaspoonful of tea per cup of water added. Let the leaves steep for about 5 minutes then gently stir and strain the tea into cup. The full-bodied cup is strong enough for the addition of milk, if desired.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review