Organic Semen Coicis Job's Tears Seeds Adlay Yi Yi Ren Gluten-Free Pearl Barley 500g


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Type: Other
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Job’s tears, (Coix lacryma-jobi), cereal grass of the family Poaceae, native to tropical Asia. Job’s tears receives its name from the hard shiny tear-shaped structures that enclose the seed kernels; those beadlike pseudocarps are sometimes used for jewelry and rosaries. Forms of the plant are cultivated as a cereal crop in parts of East Asia and in the Philippines, and its edible grains are sometimes marketed as Chinese pearl barley in the West.
Health Benefits of Job’s Tears:
1. Allergies 
Among the traditional uses of Job’s Tears is usually to deal with allergies, which includes topical formulations of plant extracts for the allergic skin ailment known as contact dermatitis.
2. Lower Cholesterol
Job’s Tears seeds considerably decrease amounts of total cholesterol and harmful low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol.
3. Endocrine Disorders
Job’s Tears extracts are utilized to deal with endocrine disorders because of the plant’s capability to reduce hormones just like progesterone and testosterone.
4. Gastrointestinal Benefits
Job’s Tears might also have protective benefits for the gastrointestinal system.
5. Osteoporosis
Job’s Tears seeds improved levels of numerous osteoporosis biomarkers in the blood of the mice when compared with a control group. The scientists figured that the extracts might be able to reversing osteoporosis and may additionally be a beneficial healthy food for osteoporosis avoidance.
6. Weight Loss
Job’s Tears decreases body weights, food consumption, fat size, adipose fat tissue mass and cholesterol level and triglycerides.
How to use: Wash as well as rinse 1 cup of Job’s tears well, after that soak them in 8 cups of pure water for around 2 hours or over night. Pour the grain, herb and water in a huge nonaluminum pot, bring to a boil, cover, then lower heat and simmer for around 1 hour, till the grain is completely cooked and also the fluid starts to thicken. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review