Organic Wild Rhizoma Polygonati Preparata Zhi Huang Jing Root Slice Chinese Herb


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Type: Herb
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Rhizoma polygonati, or known as Polygonatum and Huang Jing in mandarin, has long been considered as an amazing Chinese herb that is good at prolonging life. No wonder Taoists claim that long-term consumption of this herb can make a person become immortal. Myths aside, it is still one of miracle herbs that can be edible on daily basis. As a matter of fact, today it is still frequently used as a qi tonic by soaked in wine or stewed with chicken. As you know, generally tonics may more or less spoil your appetite but Polygonatum is one of the exceptions thanks to its relatively mild nature. That’s to say, its tonic power won’t release all at one but steadily and slowly and it won’t dull your appetite like other tonics. That’s the reason why it has an extensive medicinal uses and so many popular dish recipes. Most importantly, unlike the aloft Cordyceps Sinensis (Dong Chong Xia Cao) and Ren Shen (Ginseng), it is so inexpensive that all can afford it.
Modern biochemical research shows that Huangjing contains a complex array of sugars, starches, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. At the same time, it has been identified as one of the most effective antifungal agents within the Chinese materia medica.
Chinese Materia Medica tends to think that it is sweet in flavor and neutral in properties and covers three meridians of spleen, lung, and kidney. Key rhizoma polygonati effects and functions are nourishing yin to moisten dryness, invigorating spleen and replenishing qi, and nourishing kidney to replenish essence. Essential rhizoma polygonati uses and indications include consumptive cough due to deficiency of yin, lung dryness cough, lacking in strength caused by spleen deficiency, reduced appetite and mouth dryness, diabetes, soreness and weakness of waist and knees due to kidney deficiency, nocturnal emission, tinnitus and dim eyesight, premature graying, thinness and weakness, and leprosy and ringworm.  
Benefits include:
Improve immune function, promote the synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein, and promote the transformation of lymphocyte
Has a significant effect on fighting mycobacterium tuberculosis
Has inhibition on a variety of pathogenic fungi, typhoid bacillus, and Staphylococcus aureus
Increase the coronary blood flow, lower blood pressure, reduce blood fat, and mitigate the degree of coronary artery artheromatosis
Inhibits the epinephrine induced hyperglycemia
Inhibit adrenal cortex and defies aging
Reduce the amount of bleeding
Strengthen physical weakness
Stimulate weak digestive function
Increase oxygen absorption
Increase memory and study focus
Regulate heart rhythm
Decrease elevated cholesterol levels
Counteract fungal infections
Benefit the eyes and correct near sightedness 
The flavor of fresh and unprocessed Huangjing is pungent and will irritate the throat when imbibed directly. Only when steamed/dried thoroughly and repeatedly will the herb develop the desired affect of nourishing and tonifying the kidney. The best harvest time is in spring and autumn. After the digging, remove the fibrous roots, wash with water, put in boiling water to scald slightly or steam thoroughly, dry, and then cut into thick slices. Dragon Tea House sources its Huangjing in the remote mountains that separate the provinces of Shaanxi and Sichuan in SW China. Roots are wild-crafted by selectively harvesting plants that are at least 5 years old. Before extraction, traditional paozhi techniques are applied by steaming the large roots nine times. The flavor of prepared Huangjing is sweet and its consistency is thick and sticky.
How to use: 
Recommended dosage is from 10 to 15 grams in decoction, teapills or cream.


(1 review) Write a Review

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    A sweet tasting daily tonic well known in traditional Chinese medicine, I eat it raw right out of the bag.

    Posted by Frank Hadley Murphy on 2019-08-30 2:40

    Cleanest Polygonati I've ever had.