Dried Complete Lotus Leaf Folium Nelumbinis Weight Loss Tea Natural Food Wrapper


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Product Overview

Origin: China
Type: Herbal
Packaging: Bag
Description: Lotus leaf is a flowering aquatic perennial that grows widely throughout tropical regions of Asia and the Middle East. The pale green leaves are flat and broad, reaching up to 18 inches in diameter. As the name suggests, the lotus leaf is picked directly from the lotus plant. The leaves are usually collected in the summer and autumn and dried before being cut into small pieces, powdered or processed into pills. Lotus leaves are touted to be useful in treating a variety of conditions, including heavy bleeding, diarrhea and muscle spasms.
Lotus leaf extract, when combined with L-carnitine, represents a treatment option for obesity-related diseases. The mixture is shown to prevent adipogenesis, the formation of fatty tissue. The results showed that lotus leaf slowed the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, increased energy expenditure and accelerated lipid metabolism. Lotus leaf also prevented the increase of body weight.
Lotus leaves contain high concentrations of phytochemicals, compounds produced by plants to defend themselves against bacterial and fungal infections. The substances found in lotus leaf extract include alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins. The isoquinoline alkaloids in lotus leaves have sedative and antispasmodic properties, which may aid in digestion. Both flavonoids and tannins are powerful antioxidants that have been connected with weight loss and cardiovascular health.
The diameter is between 40 and 50cm (15-20 inches). These are all sundired natural leaves, we could not guarantee each leaf arrive intact. It is normal to find irregular sizes, little holes and broken rim.  
Use Guide: 
1. The leaves can also be brewed into a tea. Fill 5 grams tea leaves for every 500ml of water. Steep tea leaves in hot water at 95’c for 5 mints for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing. Add honey to increase the favor.
2. Dried lotus leaf can be used in preparing a meal too, though it has a bitter flavor. You can also use it to prepare Lo mai gai, the dim sum classic of steamed lotus leaves stuffed with sticky rice and all sorts of delicious goodiesdim sum classic of steamed lotus leaves stuffed with sticky rice and all sorts of delicious goodies.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review