Nonpareil Organic Fuding High Mountain Bai Hao Yin Zhen Silver Needle White Tea 500g

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Type: White
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: This is a true luxury, considered by many to be China's most famous white tea. To create it, only the first leaves and downy, silvery unopened buds of the tea plant are picked by hand during the April harvest. How does this influence the flavor and aroma? Connoisseurs rave about its sweet complexity, and about an underlying grassy taste that makes it uniquely perfect.
This silver needle white tea is made in four counties in Fuding county, Fujian province, China. This county grows unique cultivars of the tea bush, Fuding Da Bai, which is capable of producing the large and stylish tea buds that Silver Needle is known for. Our silver needle is made entirely from Fuding's original Da Bai bush type, known for having buds that are bigger, richer, fatter and more numerous than other cultivar. This pure white tea is made by hand-plucking only the finest, most tender silver-haired buds. 50-60 kilos of tea must be picked just to produce 1 kg of Silver Tip tea. This is a very healthy, feel good tea that is very rich in anti-oxidants.
A light and clean white tea, evoking spring and new growth. Its aroma is sweet, reminding of honeydew melon and wildflowers. The liquid itself first starts out mild with taste of sage and cucumber, which transitions to wildflower and finishes out with apricots and honey aftertaste. It is a tea you will want to drink on warm days, reminding you of the beginning of spring.
This tea is an excellent introduction to high end Yin Zhen, for it will give you an experience of the pure taste white teas offer. If you love Silver Needle white tea, you will positively swoon over this top grade Bai Hao Yin Zhen. One of the great teas of China, this exceptional white needle tea from Fujian province consists purely of succulent young buds.  
Brewing Guide: This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine. Steep at 180° for 3-5 minutes. As silver needle white tea is made solely from the buds (top shoots) of the tea plant, the leaves are very delicate, and adding too hot of water, or boiling water, will scorch and damage the leaves as well as damaging the healthy properties of the leaves.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review