Organic Dried Licorice Root Powder 100% Pure Natural Glycyrrhiza Glabra Mulethi


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Type: Herbal
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China 
Description: Licorice is the root of a perennial herb native to Europe and Asia. Along with its popularity as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages, it has also been used as a vitalizing herbal tonic.
Similar in flavor to its candy cousin, Licorice Root Powder tastes much like Star Anise or Fennel Root. And while some are not a fan of it in rope form, everyone can still enjoy the healthful and earthy decadence of this mighty herb. Used as an herbal remedy for decades, its believed this sweet powder can offer benefits such as the loosening of phlegm; soothing of ulcers; relief from canker sores; restoration from chronic fatigue; and even boosting of the immune system when battling cold and flu symptoms.
Versatile as it is delicious, Licorice Root supplements can add a distinct anise flavor to teas, syrups, sauces, custards and just about anything else your mind can imagine. So, why not add some bite to your favorite recipe and experience the healthful wonders of this powerful herb for yourself.
Licorice root has a distinct, sweet, sharp, anise-like licorice flavour and is used mostly in cooking.
How to use: 
Culinary uses: Licorice root can be used as a sweetener, though it does not contain any sugar. Licorice is used commonly in candies, and is commonly mixed with anise and mint flavors. It is used to flavour creams and ice creams. The root can also be steeped like a tea. In Chinese cuisine, licorice root is added to broths or made into a marinade with soy sauce.
Other uses: Through the years, licorice root has been used as relieve thirst, increase stamina, improve the flavor of bitter herbs or to temper spicy or overcooked food. The powder can also be added to poultices for soothing canker sores and added to creams and lotions for skin conditions such as eczema.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review