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Guizhou Province located in China's southwest besides being rich in natural wonders and ethnic minority culture is an important production area for green tea. Tea trees require warm humid weather with alkali soil and Guizhou, located in a subtropical zone has ideal conditions for the production of tea. Until recently Guizhou's teas have been rarely available outside of the province because all of the best teas were consumed by locals. Now more and more of Guizhou Province's wonderful teas are becoming available outside the province making tea connoisseurs sit up and take notice.

Ruby Black Tea is a whole-leaf black tea from Guizhou. This Guizhou Black Tea is a celebration of the rich tea traditions of Guizhou, a place known for its dedication to crafting exceptional black teas. Ruby Black Tea is carefully crafted from select tea leaves, handpicked during the early spring harvest. These leaves are then expertly processed to create a tea that embodies the region's commitment to quality. Bright light red cup color. Delicate honey note.

Emerald Pearl is another perfect specimen of high-end Chinese Green tea. It is perfectly balanced - a beautiful blend of nutty, sweet, and fresh. Because it is ball-shaped the leaves stay fresh longer and lend themselves to enjoying multiple fragrant infusions.

This black and green tea sampler consists of 8 samples of two different teas. Each pouch contains 3 grams of tea that easily lasts for 3-4 steeps in a Yixing teapot or Chinese gaiwan.

GuiTea Emerald Pearl Green Tea 3g x 4
GuiTea Ruby Black Tea 3g x 4

Brewing guide: heat water to 90°C, use one pouch of tea, put the leaves in a brewing vessel (gaiwan or teapot), infuse the tea leaves, and separate the water from the leaves once the infusion is done.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review